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Deutschlandhalle is an arena in Berlin, Germany.

Built primarily for the 1936 Summer Olympics it was opened in 1935 and holds 8,764 people. The Olympic boxing, weightlifting and wrestling competitions took place here. On February 19, 1938 test pilot Hanna Reitsch demonstrated the first indoor flight in the arena with a Focke-Wulf Fw 61 helicopter.

Heavily damaged by air raids the Deutschlandhalle was rebuilt after World War II and is nowadays primarily used for ice hockey, but also serves as a multi purpose arena. It hosted the 1980 basketball euroleague final between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Real Madrid (Madrid won 89-85), the 1995 basketball Korać Cup final in which local ALBA Berlin won the trophy and the 1995 World Amateur Boxing Championships.

The building has also been used for musical events: Ella Fitzgerald performed here in 1960; the concert was recorded as Ella in Berlin. Jerry Lee Lewis, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Queen and Jimi Hendrix held concerts here, the 1981 film Christiane F. shows a performance by David Bowie in the Deutschlandhalle.

After 1990 German reunification the Deutschlandhalle lost its position as Berlin’s primary arena, replaced by the newly erected Velodrom, Max-Schmeling-Halle or the O2 World. After the building had to be closed for repairs several times over the last years, the Berlin Senate in May 2008 finally has set up plans for a demolition.