Muscle Building Diet-Caution for Beginners

Motivation – check!

Equipment – check!

Workout plan – check!

Diet Plan – not sure?

One mistake many beginners make is to overemphasize protein at the expense of carbs—either dietary or supplemental. But carbs are essential to fueling muscle growth because they help promote recovery, driving nutrients to your muscles. Fast-digesting carbs such as sugar should be consumed before and after workouts. You can also take supplemental forms of carbs such as Vitargo, or a hardgainer shake that has carbs in it. As far as the type of sugar you should consume: dextrose is the best option (it’s a specific type of glucose), or sucrose, otherwise known as table sugar. Fructose, especially high-fructose corn syrup, is less desirable than other forms of sugar or carbs that are typically found in carb-based supplements.

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What you should take: A good rule of thumb for beginners is to match the amount of protein and carbs you consume before and after workouts. That means getting in about 100 grams of carbs for a 200-pounder, split evenly before and after workouts. And don’t shy away from whole-food carbs such as starches (whole-grain breads and pasta), and slow-digesting carbs (oatmeal, yams and brown rice) at other times of day. The only exception is to cut back on carbs before bedtime as they’re more readily stored as body fat at this time of day.

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