Best tasting protein drink

Protein: no shake, no powder, Just 3.8 oz Liquid

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No Mixing, No Refrigeration In 3.8 fluid ounces NEW WHEY gives you 42 g of protein with 0 g of fat 0 g of sugar. There is no mixing you simply open the vile and drink the 3.8 ounces and you have taken in 42 g of pure protein. It is a tasty and easy way to get the protein you need for either bodybuilding or weight control. This is Protein that is … lactose-free, gluten-free, caffeine free, sugar-free, and fat-free. I have tried all of the usual protein supplements and while they do perform as they are advertised none of them is as easy to use or as tasty as NEW WHEY liquid protein. It comes in a virtually unbreakable container, easily stored are carried in your gym bag.

Best tasting protein drinks

Seven delicious flavors

NEW WHEY liquid protein is by far the best protein supplement I’ve ever found and it comes in seven different flavors. They are Grape, Acai Berry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Orange, Fruit Punch and , Watermelon,. My favorite is the Fruit Punch,. My recommendation would be to try the variety pack.Variety Pack  / Pack of 12 to see which one best suits your taste buds.

Whey protein nutrition facts

Complete Protein

Amino acids are an essential part of all great protein supplements. Below are listed the amino acid profile 42 g of  NEW WHEY  liquid. This product can be used to speed muscle recovery after a workout or can use be used between meals or pre workout.

List of amino acids

Because of the scientific composition of the amino acids and whey NEW WHEY protein can be effective as both a weight gain and weight loss supplement, depending on how it is used. In brief, it can help build strength and muscles as well as give you more energy while it burn excess fat. There are some dangers using any whey protein, common sense should be used whenever you are using a product that you are unfamiliar with, be sure to read and follow the directions in using this or any new product, and medical advice should be sought where appropriate. This article from the Mayo Clinic will be helpful in understanding any dangers you need to be aware of in using whey protein. In part it gives these guidelines:

Whey protein is likely safe for most adults when used in amounts recommended by the manufacturer.

Whey protein is possibly safe when taken by mouth as a single dose of up to 50 grams, or when 30 grams is taken by mouth daily for six months.


Dependable And Safe

NEW WHEY Liquid Protein is extremely heat-stable because it’s made completely with peptides and not denatured in any way That means it is much easier to absorb than whey products containing denatured protein.

“To ensure the quality, stability and nutritional benefits of our products, New Whey Liquid Protein is tested constantly. Not just by us, but by a respected independent laboratory as well. We do this so that the comparative advantages of New Whey Liquid Protein are detailed in objective, scientific analysis, not simply in advertising slogans. New Whey contains more than enough of the 9 essential amino acids to qualify as a complete protein per the guidelines of the World Health Organization. We know precisely why our products are the ultimate in protein supplementation, and we want our customers to know it too.” … New Whey

This product is made in the United States of America actually in Orlando Florida.