Best tasting protein drink

Protein: no shake, no powder, Just 3.8 oz Liquid NEW Whey protein benefits No Mixing, No Refrigeration In 3.8 fluid ounces gives you 42 g of protein with 0 g of fat 0 g of sugar. There is no mixing you simply open the vile and drink the 3.8 ounces and you have taken in 42 g of pure protein. It is a tasty and easy way to get the protein you need for either bodybuilding […] Read more »

Muscle Building Diet-Caution for Beginners

Motivation – check! Equipment – check! Workout plan – check! Diet Plan – not sure? One mistake many beginners make is to overemphasize protein at the expense of carbs—either dietary or supplemental. But carbs are essential to fueling muscle growth because they help promote recovery, driving nutrients to your muscles. Fast-digesting carbs such as sugar should be consumed before and after workouts. You can also take supplemental forms of carbs such as Vitargo, or a […] Read more »

Strength Training Notes

The Greeks introduced the first free weights, which are similar in forms to what we are familiar with today. The Greeks designed their equipment as halterers. Halterers were used more for sports. The typical way to hold these weights would be by gripping it through a hole. The Greeks never bothered to expand their strength training equipment, since the halterers were greatly popular as they were. The next strength training equipment innovation would not come […] Read more »